Promotional Information

Promoters Needed:

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a promoter for UMC As a promoter you will help us get our brand out there! You will also have the chance to earn up to a free t-shirt or other rewards. There are a few steps you will need to go through in order to become an official Urban Mint Couture promoter. So if you are seriously interested please email us the following things:


-         Your Full name , age , city, state and country, t-shirt size

-         Your social media account usernames

-         Explain to us why you’d like to become a promoter in 50 words or less

-         And lastly, how you’d go about promoting our clothing brand to your best ability?

Once we have reviewed your submission we will contact you with our decision and begin the promoter process. We reserve the right to accept or decline any application for any reason .Submissions will be rejected for profane or explicit social media content. Thank you! And don’t forget to always shop with Urban Mint Couture!




-         You must follow us on all of our social media accounts. (twitter, Instagram , Facebook)

-         This is not a paid role. You agree you are doing this on your own without expecting to be paid cash or other monetary compensation.

-         The promoting agreement is for 30 days only. The code is also only valid for 30 days only. ( you can reapply after your 30 days are up. All approvals start at the beginning of each month, the 1st calendar day)

-         After the promotional period is up it will take 2-4 weeks to determine what rewards you will receive based on how many people used your code.




5 sales = 5 mints = 25% off first item

10 sales = 10 mints = 50% off one item

15 sales = 15 mints = 75% off one item

20 sales = 20 mints = a free t-shirt

25 sales = 25 mints = 25% off of two items

30 sales = 30 mints = 50% off of two items

35 sales = 35 mints = 75% off of two items

40 sales = 40 mints = 2 free t-shirts


If you earn enough mints to win a t-shirt, the t-shirt style is selected by the company not by personal choice and the available inventory is subjected to change. The MS Society t-shirts can be used to earn tokens but will not be given as a free t-shirt. If you decide to return any items you received, you must also return any freebies you received in order to get a full refund back during that promotional period. If not the full cost of the free t-shirt will be deducted from the refund.